Laura Mvula’s The Dreaming Room

Laura Mvula’s new album not only shakes you awake with lyrical content her visual accompaniments leave you in awe.  I’m lusting for more.  Three years after the hit, “Sing to The Moon” here she is blowing us away again.  The new album titled “The Dreaming Room” is full of melodic funky hymns or better yet chants to encourage.  This sophomore album has the sound to drive your vibrations higher aligning each chakra one at a time.  Beat by beat… one vibration after another.
Now I realize I’ve put out some large claims to how wonderful this album is but I swear to you its everything and more.  It’s Shipley’s donuts (Ella location – don’t fight me on that) paired with vegan nachos from Sunshines.  It’s just so gooood. 
Working with great artists like Robert Glasper and Earth, Wind and fire’s guitar guru Nile Rodgers, Mvula has confirmed her spot on the forever playlist.  Mvula blends a sound of folk, contemporary R&B, soul and even a little dance.  Tracks like Phenomenal Woman make you want to walk down the street flaunting your melanin rich skin demanding respect.  Back dooring that with a cover of The Fugees hit Ready or Not it’s just dope.
Sounds crazy but if I could magically blend this album into dust and sprinkle a little over each willing soul I would.  With hopes that the depth and self acceptance from the music would some how seepinto their minds and create goodness and light. 
Bottom line go get the album and align your chakra’s.  Thank me later.

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